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Bespoke Comicbook Letter

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A wonderful and witty celebration of paper: these individual, handcut framed letters are the perfect gift for birthdays, christenings, or any other special occasion.

I adore typography and simple motifs, and these simple handcut letters celebrate clean design combined with the beauty of original vintage paper. Perfect displayed individually, or as a series of letters to form a word, the letters, mounted on nostalgic brown kraft card and framed in a choice of finishes, are perfect for any interior.

Original vintage comicbooks are used, and each letter is handcut using scissors and a blade.

The graphic simplicity of letters simply cut, mounted onto card, is beautiful & inspiring, and I love the fact that each one of these letters is unique: because of the handcutting process involved, and the original paper used, no two will ever be the same. Any letter from the alphabet can be cut: I use original vintage comic book ephemera in my work.

These letters are also available handcut from vintage sheet music.

Available in Ash, black or white frames, and a variety of comic book colour ways and choices. 

£30 plus P&P

Please email me here to place a bespoke order

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