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Justine Wall is available for Linocut Workshops, and has conducted these events in both schools, homes and corporate environments. Whether you require a small booking for friends and parties, or larger bookings for staff training days and business team-building events, Justine will tailor-make each workshop to your requirements. Justine is a designer, writer and qualified teacher, and, after launching Hector & Haddock in 2011, began Hector & Haddock Workshops in 2014. 

Demand for creative, kinaesthetic workshops and team-building events with a difference has grown considerably over the last few years. Whether you require a holiday workshop to entertain and educate groups of children, or whether you'd like your staff to access different areas of creativity and thinking, while simultaneously engaging in team-building exercises, the medium of linoprinting is the perfect way to engage everyone: not only does the method of drawing and printing allow members to think and plan in a different way, the creation of something tangible within a few hours is what people enjoy most. After a Hector & Haddock linoprint workshop, members come away with a new skill, a piece of art they have created from scratch.

Workshops follow a similar pattern, although again, this can be adapted to your needs:

All equipment is provided, and set up before group members arrive
Initial steps include learning to derive inspiration from a variety of sources for designs, exploring creativity, and drawing basic motifs, symbols and lettering
Converting designs to reversible drawings
Using Linocutting tools and blades to carve prints
Inking and printing designs onto prepared cards, gift tags, or posters
A Hector & Haddock goodie bag can be provided for each group member, with previous arrangement
Workshops generally last approximately 2-3 hours, for a maximum of ten people in one sitting. Justine can be booked for a whole day's training: up to 3 workshops in 3 different sessions can be taught in a day.

Prices vary, according to the type of workshop and event.

Please contact Justine for more information.


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