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Pack of Punck Puns

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Beautifully printed humorous greeting card. Comes with a white envelope, sealed in a clear cello bag, and left blank inside for your own message.

I find the peculiarities of the English language fascinating, and am quite obsessed with punctuation rules and symbols. Punck Puns is the result of my imagined world of arguing umlauts and ampersands, enraged exclamation marks and feisty fullstops.

These cards, left blank inside for your own message, are the perfect witty, tongue-in-cheek greeting for grammar, literary and typography lovers, and embody the great British love of a pun.

Pack of 5 cards, one of each Punck Pun Design:

Ampersand and Umlaut

Acute Accent and Semicolon

Ellipsis and Fullstop

Hashtag and Exclamation Mark

Apostrophe and Comma



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