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I Dress Myself

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No, not a proud declaration by my four year old son (he’s still partial to being helped with the odd garment or three), but rather the superbly named screen printers, who I’ve been working with recently on a new line. I Dress Myself are Pete & Hannah Conway and Beth Buss, based in The Silk Mill Quarter in the hugely picturesque town of Frome, Somerset.

After designing my linocut range, I decided that some of the motifs would benefit from becoming large screen prints. I’ve always loved screen prints: the process of silk screening fascinates me; hugely influenced by my highly creative mother. When we were children, almost everything we wore was made by mum, whether it was handknitted jumpers or shiny lycra swimsuits (I kid you not, the Eighties were the heyday for Stretch ‘n Sew). She also screenprinted: T-shirts for us, mainly, my brother and I sporting brightly coloured Mr Men type motifs on our chests: he was most definitely Mr Bump and Mr Messy, while I wore Mr Tickle and Mr Happy. I can’t screen print: I am not that talented, patient and clever. So my search began for a company who could work with me and print my ideas. I wanted someone local, and particularly someone with really robust eco-credentials, so was really thrilled to find I Dress Myself, who use 100% water based inks and hand print everything themselves. In fact, they were the first screen printers in the UK to use 100% solvent free water based inks for their paper and garment printing, and travel to print studios around the world, providing free support and helping studios make the switch to water based inks.

Hannah, Pete and Beth have been brilliant and have shared my vision, and understood just what I wanted to do from the word go. I feel hugely lucky to have found them: not only are their ethics and credentials admirable, but they are extremely good at understanding someone else’s design ideas and working with them. Their printing is beautiful: in addition to working with outside designers to print onto T-shirts, posters, packaging boxes and totes, they design and print their own ranges too. Take a look at their website here to find out a bit more about them.

Below are some images of the studio, and Beth at work, and of course, of the quite divine jellies and ampersands which are going to be with us VERY soon. The jellies and ampersands will be available as signed, limited edition prints, and will be available in five different colours: the jellies will be available in a bright purple, fuschia, sunshine yellow, cobalt blue and emerald green, and the ampersands will be in a more muted range of dove grey, pigeon blue, pale ochre, salmon pink and sage green. They will be sold as unframed rolled prints, for £25 plus £5 P&P. Not only am I having the jellies and ampersands as screenprints, but have decided to print up all eight of the Kitchenalia linocuts as one A3 print: all beautifully lined up, in a deep slate grey. Cannot wait. 

I Dress Myself Studio, Frome: In-house designs

A2 Purple jellies drying on their racks, I Dress Myself Studio, Frome

Beth printing T shirts, I Dress Myself Studio, Frome

Jellies and Ampersands, and their screens, I Dress Myself Studio

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