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Observer Obsessed

Posted on May 02, 2013 by Justine | 0 comments


I obviously am a collector, otherwise I wouldn't be doing what I am now. I think my collecting obsession began with that gorgeous blonde Gaul Asterix. I most certainly had a crush on him, but then also found Obelix terribly sweet, and at times thought Cacofonix was actually the most lovely of them all, especially when he turned up at parties playing his lyre. I digress: I have a collection of Asterix, yes, but as I have grown up my tastes have broadened and thankfully don't just include graphic novels and comics. 

These Observer books are just one of my many loves. I collect them with or without covers. In fact, when they do come with covers I remove said covers carefully and put them away safely as I love how they look lined up, their fonts and colours so complementary and happy. I will hopefully have them all one day: just imagine how many stripes will be lined up in the bookcase then!

For those of you wondering, the little car is a Sunbeam Alpine. Probably one of the most beautiful cars ever: look at those fins.

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