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Linocut Workshops

Posted on September 10, 2015 by Justine | 0 comments

It has taken me rather a long while to send out a Hector and Haddock Newsletter, and I finally did so yesterday through the fabulous Mailchimp- what an easy & user-friendly system it is. Although, I did have that sudden sinking feeling as I hit the "send" button, that somehow my newsletter would get scrambled in the ether of the internet, and in fact I would bombard hundreds of people with swear words, bad spelling and complete nonsense. I'm pleased to report that, of course, this wasn't the case. Newsletters arrived in inboxes just as I had composed them: the miracle of modern technology.

The newsletter outlined the launch of my Hector & Haddock Linocut Workshops. I had conducted small workshops in the past before, but taking part in this year's Heal's Modern Craft Market spurred me on to conduct more of these in larger environments. I followed up the in-house Heal's workshop with a joint Heal's and Cointreau Workshop this year, for a group of magazine stylists, which was great fun. I have since travelled with the workshops, and taught in homes an schools, and even  here in my own home. I've enjoyed every single one: from very small groups of three people, to larger groups- each one is a fulfilling way to connect with people, and teach them a new skill. That's the beauty of linocutting: you can, in 2-3 hours, draw, transfer, cut, ink, and print your own design: it gets both sides of the brain working, and allows for a bit of freedom and creativity: both sadly lacking in a lot of today's work environments.

I can't wait to visit more homes, schools and corporate environments to share the skill of linocutting: it is a real privilege to be able to see people create something out of nothing, particularly those people who are not naturally creative (or at least don't think they are). Working with a  client's brief is also such fun: the images below were from the Cointreau and Heal's workshop: Cointreau conducted a Workshop in making Cointreau Fizz Cocktails, and I then organised my workshop around designing vintage style labels for the cocktails. Anything can be created: from keyring inserts, to luggage style tags, cards, and larger posters: possibilities are fairly endless.

Read a bit more about the Workshops here or contact me on info@hectorandhaddock.co.uk to discuss requirements. 



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