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Two years ago, when my husband and I saw the thatched, near-400 year old cottage we live in now, we knew immediately it was the place for us: there was almost no discussion about it; we both knew, we both had this incredible feeling of warmth the moment we stepped inside the house, that this was to be our home. It’s an amazing place, this house: one feels a certain energy in it (who knows: the old tales of the land and lines and barrows on Salisbury Plain may hold some truth) and one feels very safe and secure in it. I know that sounds peculiar, but it’s true: once we moved in, we felt as though we had been here forever.

Last year, the fabulous Polly Eltes came to shoot the cottage, and a few months down the line, Sharon Parsons came on board to write the story about this amazing building we feel lucky enough to call our home. This May, Homes & Antiques published the feature, and we finally got to see the article: it’s been fantastic to see it all unfold, and to see the finished piece: weird too, as even though it’s our home, we feel a bit disconnected somehow- as my husband said to me, when he looked at it all published for the first time, “Wow, it looks like… a home in a magazine!” And I know what he means: everything is recognisably yours, and your home, and obviously it’s all you. But suddenly you see it with fresh eyes, and it’s a rather weird, but exciting feeling too.

I’m so thrilled with the feature, and so grateful to Polly, Sharon, and Homes & Antiques- it’s been a total pleasure to work with everyone, and I feel very lucky indeed to have such a record of our life in this very special place.

And of course Barnaby feels extremely important as he makes quite a few appearances. He’s become quite adept at being in front of the camera- unlike his mother, I might add!





You can find out more at  Homes & Antiques

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